Expand Your Knowledge with the Best Dog Training Books Available

Expand Your Knowledge with the Best Dog Training Books Available

The power of the written word simply can’t be undermined. It’s more impactful than the oral word. This applies to dog training as much as any other situation. So if you want to train your dog, you’re more than likely to start with a step-by-step written instruction manual. Now instruction manuals can be pretty boring stuff, unless padded with a lot of general information, anecdotes, tips and tricks. What you need, therefore, is a well-written, captivating and interesting book on dog training. Your process of choosing the best one begins here!

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

This paperback edition by Kyra Sundance was first published in 2007, and has since become an international bestseller with more than half a million copies in print in 18 languages. Kyra herself is a world-renowned stunt dog show performer and a celebrity dog trainer. She has trained an acrobatic stunt dog team that continues to woo millions with their performance all over the world. The book encapsulates her experience as a dog trainer to provide comprehensive training instructions for dog lovers.


  • Excellently designed with attractive color photos
  • Easy instruction process with step-by-step details
  • Tips and tricks categorized as easy, intermediate and advanced
  • Troubleshooting questions and answers are ideal for higher level of training
  • Language used is simple, non-technical and effective


  • Step-by-step instructions are not detailed enough
  • Use of physical corrections advocated by author border can be de-motivating for the dog
  • Some common and effective training techniques like shaping are missing

With tips and tricks to steer your dog’s training process, this visually appealing book will help you bond quickly with your pet. Armed with this book, you’ll soon see your dog integrate well with your family. Apart from communication and bonding, it’ll help you build various skills, such as sports, dancing etc., in your dog. The pictures are probably the best part of this book as they’ll help keep you engaged through the entire training process.

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

This book by Patricia B. McConnell, an applied animal behaviorist and dog trainer, is another one that focuses on the relationship between humans and dogs. Her theory is that understanding dog behavior can better equip a dog owner to train his pet. The training process mooted by Patricia works on the behavioral psychology principles.


  • Compelling and insightful writing style
  • Packed with inspiring true stories
  • Blends scientific perspective with psychology
  • Interesting guidelines and explanations on why some things work and some don’t


  • Lacks practical aspects of dog training
  • Repetition of points makes it tedious reading
  • Stories can become somewhat boring
  • Focuses more on the problems than the solutions

So if you understand your dog, you’ll understand how to train it too. That is the simple premise of this interesting book, which won’t necessarily tell you how to make your dog sit, walk or fetch but will definitely teach you how to bond with it. It’s quite a useful guide for those who want to understand why their dog is behaving in a certain way and how changing their own attitude could help transform their dog’s behavior.


If you’re one of the unfortunate few who has a difficult dog, Patricia’s `The Other End of the Leash’ will help you understand your pet’s behavior. This knowledge will enable you to work around your dog’s training process better. This book isn’t, however, for those looking for a very practical to-do kind of guide to help you train your dog. For them, a better option would be Kyra’s `101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog’.

If you want another fantastic guide you can try check out this website for methods and techniques that provide ease and comfort while training your puppy or dog. You will receive expert guidance from a top dog expert. This is truly an exceptional learning experience that will yield positive results.

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