German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Facts

German shepherd is the breed of working dogs that originated in Germany. As popular as the breed has become over the years, German shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog. The origin of the breed dates back to 1899.

German shepherds were originally developed for the purpose of herding sheep. But, German shepherds were found to be highly intelligent, incredibly strong, easily trainable and an obedient breed of dogs. Because of these valuable assets, German shepherds are the preferred breed for different types of work, including assistance to the disabled, search and rescue, police and military roles, and so on. German shepherd dogs are also used in movies.

These intelligent and curious breed of dogs can be eager to please to their owners and cold as ice when they need to be. Here are some of the facts about German shepherd dogs that you might not know.

  • They are highly intelligent. German shepherds have been ranked as the third smartest breed of dog in the world. Their intelligence makes them easily trainable, which is why they seem to learn so easily from humans. This asset of them also makes them fit for complicated tasks like search and rescue, disability assistance, and so on.
  • They seem aloof. They seem cool and distant, but they are not so. In fact, they are only aggressive to strangers, which come as a result of their overly protective nature. They love their owners, but aren’t so fond of strangers. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if they are properly trained. There are plenty of socialized shepherd dogs.
  • Protective nature. In addition to being unfriendly with strangers, they are of overly protective nature, which is why they don’t like the knocks on the door. Their barks are always vicious sounding towards strangers and they aren’t hesitant to protect the ones who adore and take care of them.
  • They are available in different colors. General assumption is that they only come in mix of brown and black fur, but it’s not true. Other than the common brown and black, they could also be completely black in color. And, there are German shepherds with completely white fur too, which of course are very rare.
  • Popularity. According to the reports of American Kennel Club, as of 2013, they are the most popular breed of dogs in the United States after Labrador retrievers.
  • They are highly energetic. And, they consistently need a way to burn off energy, which is why they demand regular walks and play times. When they do not get enough exercise, they will constantly bark, run around wildly and act out even inside the house.
  • They have a good life span. You will easily enjoy 10 to 13 years with your pet under natural circumstances.
  • German shepherd dogs shed a lot. You will be able to see hairs rising within sometime of brushing it. The only way to prevent it is by regular brushing.
  • They are strong biters. German shepherd dogs are known to have a bite force of 238 pounds. That’s massive considering how humans can only generate the bite force of 86 pounds.
  • They are huge. Most dogs from this breed are seen to be pretty skinny for the first two years, but these are the dogs that grow up to be huge. They can weigh as much as 55 – 100 pounds, with female shepherds being on the lower end of the spectrum. Their height ranges from 22 to 26 inches.
  • They make great mothers. Their protective nature also makes them great mothers. So, it’s not a good idea to tease or play with the new born pups in front of the mother.
  • Large litters. Dogs are known to have larger litters than most other mammals. But, German shepherds have larger litters than most dog breeds. Their litter size is roughly 8 puppies.
  • They are great swimmers. German shepherd dogs love swimming. So, if you’re an active swimmer yourself, this dog is perfect for you. However, they aren’t fond of baths.
  • They can eat. And, it’s not exaggeration whatsoever. They won’t suffice on normal cheap stuff. They will build up best with high-quality, nutritious food.
  • German shepherds are highly curious dogs. They are not the one to shy away from new things. They love exploring their surroundings, and they are going to be the first ones to jump behind the bushes. Even puppies get their paws and nose on everything they come into contact with.
  • Their agility is among their greatest assets. We see a lot of German shepherds in the police and the military. The major reason for this is their incredible agility and strength. They can break into top gear at once and even come to a sudden stop. They will turn around sharp corners without stumbling. However, puppies aren’t as graceful because they can’t quite handle their long limbs.
  • They are good looking. These are the dogs to stand out in the dog crowd, mainly because of their erect ears, curved tail and dark eyes. Also, their natural color combination seems to work pretty well.
  • Intelligence is among their best assets. According to the reports of American Kennel club, they were rated as the third most intelligent breeds of dog. They are fast learners and incredibly easy to train. They can learn a new command in as little as five repetitions.
  • They make amazing pets. Not only are these dogs obedient and easily trainable, they are family friendly and affectionate with the kids. And, once trained properly, they can even be social with strangers. They are easy to take care of. Despite their high intelligence and curiosity, all they need is good food, proper exercise, and love.


The German Shepherd is a very intelligent and high-energy level dog.  This means that they need mental stimulation and plenty of exercise.  They are fairly easier to train than other breeds and above all – they make a great family pet!  Find a local trainer, read more dog training articles, use the online dog training course, just whatever you do… make sure you gain the knowledge to train your dog in a fun and positive way!

Now, let’s enjoy some German Shepherds being goofy!

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