How Do You Choose The Best Dog Crates?

How Do You Choose The Best Dog Crates?

When it comes to taking the best possible care of your dog, choosing the right crate is essential.  You need a crate that can comfort your pet in times of stress and is equipped for him to eat and sleep.  There are a variety of crates available out there, and we are going to help you choose the one best suited for your dog’s needs.

1. Wire Dog Crates: 

These are the most common crates out there, and with good reason.  Not only are they affordable and robust, they are also easy to keep clean.  Although most of them are made of metal and thus are a little heavy, a lot of the newer crates can be folded and then easily carried around.  The other obvious advantages are good ventilation for your pet and a view of the outside.
These are easily customizable as many of the panels can be removed.  You can add boxes and dividers to change the size of the crate, depending on the amount of space you want to give your dog.  Since they are made of metal, you can be sure the crate won’t absorb odors.  However, be ready for hair getting stuck into the wires, which can be a little tedious to clean.  There is also the inevitable problem of rusting.

2. Plastic Dog Crates:

These crates tend to be smaller than the wire ones and are thus a better option if your dog likes to stay cozy.  They are much lighter as well, allowing them to be more easily carried.  In addition, they are not that easy to escape from, so if your dog is an escape artist, a plastic crate is an option you should consider.
Many airlines also allow you to carry a plastic crate with you, which may be something to consider it you fly regularly.  Bear in mind, however, that these crates have less visibility, so your pet may feel slightly lonely and frustrated inside.  Cleaning them is another problem, as you have to separate the upper and bottom sections to tidy up the crate.

3. Soft Sided Crates:

Soft sided crates are a relatively newer variety that is made of fabric or canvas.  They give your dog a comfortable place to relax where he can get a sound sleep.  It is pretty easy to carry as it can be folded and can has the added bonus that they can be bought in beautiful designs.
Most of them come with mesh on either side so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting enough air.  However, if your dog is likely to bite or chew on things, this is not an ideal crate for you.  Also, the cleaning process is bit of a pain, so you will want to pass on this crate if your dog is not toilet trained.

4. Wooden Dog Crates:

If you’re looking for an option that complements your home’s decor, a wood or rattan crate is the way to go.  Most of them are made of expensive material like hardwood, but their durability justifies the price.  A lot of these crates available in the market double up as chairs, tables, and nightstands.
However, if your dog is particularly aggressive, this may not be the best option for you.  You do not want your pet chewing through a premium piece of furniture.

5.  Heavy Duty Crate:

If your pet is really strong and escapes often, you might want to consider a heavy duty metal crate.  Needless to say, they are the sturdiest and most durable option on the list, which is required for escape artist or destructive dogs.  They are pretty heavy but many of them come with wheels which allow easy portability.  However, they don’t provide the greatest aesthetic appeal.
While they are pretty expensive, they are cost efficient in the long run since your dog is less likely to destroy one of these than one of the cheaper options.  This crate is most commonly approved by airlines, so you are unlikely to have problems while flying with your dog.

6. Combo Dog Crate:

You can also go for one of the more unconventional types of crate to fulfill your requirements.  A few brands combine metals like steel with nylon and plastic.  Having metal sides and a plastic top provides you with the assurance that your dog won’t get out easily, as well as a surface to keep things on.  These are not that popular since they are much heavier than the other options and can’t be folded, making them difficult to carry around.
However, many of them come with wheels to facilitate that, as well as multiple doors, insulated bases, removable walls, and bolster pads for increased functionality.  But for all of that, be prepared to pay much more than you would for a traditional crate.

Tips when choosing the perfect dog crate

For your own peace of mind, you will want a crate that is perfect for your four legged pal.  You need to ensure that you choose something that they would be happy with, and knowing the different kinds of dog crates available is useful.  The other important thing to remember is that your choice of dog crate will differ according to the dog breed and size as well as the dog’s behavior, so bear those things in mind when choosing a dog crate.
The majority of crates are well built and you shouldn’t have to worry about anything, including your pet escaping.  Plus, the other factor that you may want to keep in note is that whether the crate is portable or not.  For instance, the Combo dog crate is not portable, simply because it has too many features.  If you are looking for a portable dog crate, choose one that fits your needs.

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