Labrador Retriever Facts

Labrador Retriever Facts

Labrador Retriever, or simply Labrador, is one of the most popular breeds of dog around the world.  It’s also been a favorite of the United States and the United Kingdom for a long time.  They are not just pretty to look at, they are highly functional.

Labradors are considered to be the favorite disability assistance breed in many countries.  They are trained to aid the blind, those with autism, and they are also found to be effective therapy dogs. Other than that, Labradors are also trained for detection work by law enforcement and official agencies.  These are highly effective sporting and hunting dogs.

The Labrador is one of the favorite dogs among dog lovers across the world.  But, there is so much more to know about these wonderful creatures.  Here are few facts about Labrador Retrievers that you may not know.

  • Modern Labrador is a young breed of dog. The first modern Labrador was bred by English Royalty. The first official member of the breed was recognized in 1899 and was named “Ben”. But, there were Labradors in the past and the earlier records of dogs in the breed date as far as decades back.
  • Labradors were not always called so. In the past, they were known as St. John’s water dog, St. John’s dog, or Lesser Newfoundland.
  • Male Labradors are bigger than females. In average, Labradors grow up to 22-24 inches tall and weigh around 55-80 pounds. Also, their tail kind of looks like the tail of an otter.
  • Labradors are an extremely social breed. They love being around everyone. In fact, they love being around other dogs and people so much that they don’t like spending time alone at all.
  • Labradors are mainly considered to be sporting dogs today, but they weren’t always treated as so.  Back in the day, Labradors and their ancestors were treated as working breeds.  Today, Labradors are used for hunting, flushing out game, fishing and so on, all of which are mainly done for sport.  However, their ancestors were not involved in these activities as a part of leisure activity. They were quite literally used to make a living, by making them gather fish, hunting assistants, and so on.
  • Labradors weren’t, and aren’t, just used as sporting breeds.  Because of their high intelligence and expertise, they are also found to be working as bomb sniffers in war zones.
  • Labradors love water.  Part of why they were such an amazing fishing dog was because of their body structure that aids them to be in the water.  Their water-resistant double coats provide insulation when wet.  Their furs are short, so they can stay warm and not be dragged when the fur gets wet.  Their toes are webby, which makes them a speedy swimmer, and probably the best among dog breeds.
  • This breed of dog is incredibly fast and is well known for their ability to sprint.  They can go as fast 12 miles an hour in a matter of three seconds.
  • Pigmentation of the coat of new Labradors in one litter can be easily different similar to hair colors in a human family.  Even in a single litter, the puppies can be yellow, chocolate, and/or black.  Two genes are responsible for this difference in pigmentation.
  • We have already mentioned that Labrador retrievers are great assistance/guide dogs. But, they are in fact, the best breed for the purpose.  Statistics show that guide dogs are 70% Labrador retrievers, 15% German shepherds, and 15% golden retrievers.  Their desire to please has played a strong part in them being the favorites.  Additionally, they are right size, easily adaptable and can easily be trained.
  • These dogs are remarkably agile and enjoy activities like flyball and other similar fun activities.
  • As much as they love playing fetch, they are not really concerned about what they are playing fetch with.  They love putting things in their mouth, so they should be watched carefully, especially the young ones.
  • These dogs are hardly afraid of anything, which comes with their personality of not being shy or nervous. This trait makes them a great watchdog. Also, they are trustworthy, reliable and friendly. These are the dogs you can trust with your kids.
  • Labradors have short hairs, but they do shed. So, it would be wise to brush them regularly, about once a week. This will not only keep the dogs’ skin healthy, but also help to prevent the hair dropping around everywhere on the floor. Don’t forget to bathe your dog regularly in order to keep him/her clean.
  • Labradors love eating. They will be ready to eat at almost any time and they aren’t very picky either. Just make sure your dog is getting regular exercise in order to avoid them being overweight.
  • Labradors are muscular and strong dogs who want to be independent at times. They might want to go around on their own and do things on their own. The key to maintaining their discipline is to be consistently strong with them.
  • Labradors are highly energetic, agile creatures who can’t stay alone and need to run around and engage in physical activities. This also makes them quite naughty. You need to start training your lab early and spend lots of time with him. Play with him, brush him and roll him over. These are some of the things that will get your pet used to being handled, thus, making a better companion when it’s older.


Labrador Retrievers are beautiful large dogs with well-rounded attributes.  These dogs are very agile and can swim, run, and catch like no other.  Labs are one of the most popular family breeds and are great with kids.  The bottom line is this: Labradors are awesome!

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