Ride Safe and Clean: Best Pet Seat Covers Review

Ride Safe and Clean: Best Pet Seat Covers Review

Pets are among the best of things we can acquire in our life.  The happiness we get from simple interaction with them is absolutely amazing.  We love taking them around.  Dogs, in particular, love car rides, but it’s quite a gamble to take them out on your posh leather seats.  As much as we love them, the posh leather seats might not be able to handle the rough handling of paws.  It can also be a pain trying to clean all of that dog fur off of the back seats.  This is exactly where seat covers come in.

Plush Paws are one of the reputed brands that is popular for its pet accessories.  The seat cover from the company has been designed to prevent the damage to your seat. The product can be used in cars, trucks, SUV’s, and other vehicles.

Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover


  • The seat cover has been specifically designed to prevent the seat leather from any kind of claws, paws, spills, fur, and any other damage, that is likely to be caused by your pets.
  • The product includes 2 bonus pet car seat belts and 2 harnesses.
  • The cover features non-slip silicon backing.
  • It features diamond stitching with heavy duty polyester quilted fabric.
  • The material used for the construction of this cover is safer than rubber and has been well padded and quilted for maximum comfort. Also, the premium material used here further adds to its anti-slip property.
  • With its climate tolerant backing, you can be assured that the product is not going to disintegrate inside your car.
  • The seat belt included here features Velcro closure for super easy use.
  • The additional elastic straps make sure that the fit is snug and comfortable
  • This seat cover is compatible with leather and upholstery. It will sit right and won’t budge.


  • It is incredibly easy to install this seat cover.  You can put it around your seat within minutes.
  • It even comes with straps to hold your dog in one place.  This is obligatory in some states.  Because of the straps, you don’t have to worry about your dog trying to make its way onto the front seat.
  • The product is weatherproof and waterproof.
  • The material used for the construction of this seat cover is extremely durable.  The company has even provided a lifespan warranty with the product.  To claim the warranty, you will need to register your product with the Genuine Lifetime Warranty offered by the company.
  • It seems that the company truly cares about the product and its customers.  The customer service is absolutely amazing and they follow-up on their product as well.


  • You really need to find out if the product is compatible with your car seat.  This product seems to work well with a booster seat. Also, you need to keep in mind the size of the cover you need.  You won’t be a happy customer otherwise.
  • There are no snap clips on straps, which can make it difficult to put it on your pet.
  • Although it is highly functional, it’s not the best looking seat cover on the market.
  • The product does not include door covers.  So, even though it’s a highly functional cover, it’s only a so/so deal.


The seat cover from Plush Paws is one of the best products on the market.  Provided that you have the seat that’s compatible with this product, your dog is going to be safe and secure in the back seat.  Also, you don’t have to worry about the mess it’s going to make, as it’s that easy to clean.  You can purchase this product in two sizes, whether regular or extra-large.

It’s a highly functional product, even though not as good looking.  Overall, its great value for money, and you won’t be regretting your purchase with its durability


It goes without saying that the unit from Plush Pets isn’t the only reliable pet seat cover on the market.  You can get different sizes from different brands, which will also vary on the price tag.  It all comes down to your requirements, type of your car seat, and the budget you’re willing to spare for it.  Two of the notable competitors for the aforementioned product are 4Knines Rear Waterproof Non Slip Backing Seat Cover and BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat Anchors.


Longest Lasting.

  • WaterProof
  • Easy To Install
  • Xtra Large Size Option
  • Seat Belt Openings with Velcro closure & Child car seat LATCH openings
  • LifeTime Warranty


Most Affordable.

  • WaterProof
  • Easy To Install
  • Fits All Standard Vehicles
  • Velcro Seatbelt Openings
  • Machine Washable


With so much competition, it can be tough to make up your mind about a single product.  Even with the three products mentioned above, you might still be confused regarding which to purchase.  If so, read on.

The product from 4Knines is the most expensive one among the three.  It features heavy duty construction and comes with nonslip backing and seat anchors.  It’s easy to install and the company even provides Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.  If you can spare the budget, this can be an amazing buy for you.

However, the one from Plush Paws seem to be equally amazing.  It too offers superb comfort and lifetime warranty, also it’s cheaper.  So, considering the value for money, the seat cover from Plush Paws is the best product here.

If you’re not willing to spend as much on a seat cover for your pet, the BarksBar car seat cover is perfect for you.  Its waterproof, features nonslip backing and can be used on all standard car seats.  It’s been padded well, so you don’t have to worry about comfort.  The only problem is the durability.  But, given the price tag, you can hardly complain for much.  It’s a great product if you only take your pets out occasionally.  Its value for money makes it a great buy.

Make sure you go through their features, pros and cons in order to make an informed decision.  At the end, it all comes down to what you want in your seat cover.

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