Safe and Secure: The Best Dog Fence Reviews

Safe and Secure: The Best Dog Fence Reviews

If you love your pet dog you’d naturally do anything to ensure its safety and security. Even if it means keeping the dog fenced in while allowing it to enjoy the outdoors. Dog fences are a common piece of equipment used by dog lovers to keep their pets protected. These fences are designed to keep your dog securely confined.
A good dog fence wouldn’t let your dog escape outside of your house, where it could fall prey to other animals, or simply hurt itself in other ways. So now you’re wondering which dog fences you should choose from for your much-loved pet? Here are a few that come equipped with the best of features and, more importantly, are built for your dog’s complete safety.

Oxford Dog Animal Playpen

This is a large metal wire folding exercise yard fence. This portable fence is reasonably priced despite the stamp of approval that every Oxford product comes etched with. The ease of operation can be seen at every step of setting up, breaking down and transporting this collapsible fence. The octagon-shaped fence is designed to give your pet enough space to play around while remaining within your safety net.


  • Ideal for more than one animal at a time
  • Made of durable steel
  • Is long-lasting due to rust-resistant coating
  • Solid pet crate is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be configured in different shapes to give variety to your pet
  • Light, foldable and easy to set up and remove
  • Comes with ground anchors for high level of durability
  • Has built-in door for easy in-out access for the pet


  • Unstable and can trip the smallest dog when used indoors
  • Not suitable for medium and large adult dogs; they can push through or jump over it
  • Not to be used for cats; they are capable of jumping over high places
  • Clips holding the two ends are made of poor quality material
  • Latch is not designed well, dog may escape at times

Available in three different sizes, this durable and long-lasting, portable fence is just your answer to the problem of keeping your pet playing away happily without having to constantly supervise it. This large enclosure will keep your dog enjoyably occupied, and you can safely leave it there when going out. What’s more, you can even carry the fence (and your dogs) with you the next time you’re going camping.

Best Portable Mesh Design Playpens


Best Budget Playpen.

  • Good Quality
  • ​Water-Resistant
  • Maximum Airflow


Best Bang For Buck.

  • Attached Floor
  • Durable
  • ​Water-Resistant
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Second Best.

  • Well-Built
  • Water-Resistant
  • Various Sizes

BestPet 30-Inch Tall Dog Playpen 8 Panel Crate Fence

This smart fence can be set up and taken down in under a minute, and can be carried anywhere. That’s a lot, considering the price it comes for. But actually, there are other reasons for this fence being ranked high by customers and users. Ideal for indoors and outdoors, the BestPet can be effective and used not just as a kennel but also as a training ground. It’s designed for high level of versatility in any situation, including crate training to train your puppy.


  • Sturdily built with strong and good quality wire
  • Finishing is excellent, with highly durable epoxy coating
  • Rust, corrosion and fade resistant; can withstand extreme climatic conditions
  • Spacious enough to fit the dog’s kennel, food, bed, toys etc.
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Somewhat flimsy so that even a dog can move it around
  • Clamps are poor quality and open up at the slightest shift of the panels

Great value for money, this pen is strong enough to keep even your naughtiest pet safe and secure inside. You can leave your dog inside this fence without any hassle and concern about its safety. Given its durability, this fence is going to last you a long time, and will probably see your dog through all its growing years. You can take it along while travelling as it’s extremely easy to pack and unpack.


Choosing a dog fence isn’t difficult if you know what exactly you need it for. If you want something portable that can be carried around while travelling, the BestPet is just the thing for you. Affordable and lightweight, it can be set up and removed within seconds, without undue stress or pressure.
The Oxford playpen is one your dogs will love; with the variety of shapes it comes in. Your dog is going to love playing around in this fence as it discovers new corners every time you set it up in a new shape.
If you want a fence that’s good for training your dog too, the SportDOG is quite a decent option, with the various training devices built into it.

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