Why Do Some Dogs Take Food Out Of Their Bowl?

Why Do Some Dogs Take Food Out Of Their Bowl?

Aren’t dogs great?  Each one is unique and has their own characteristics.  Some dogs are just fast messy eaters, while others take a few bites at a time and eat ever-so elegantly.  My dog, Rhea, happens to take a few bites of dog food out of her food bowl, carry it somewhere else, and spit it out on the floor to eat it there.  When I first started noticing that she did this regularly, it intrigued me.  Even more so because my other dog, an older male boxer, has never done it.  I found it quite amusing, although it may bother some dog owners.  I always figured that it was just because she is a little weirdo, but I decided to do some research and get some opinions.  Here are the most probable reasons as to why some dogs take their food out of the bowl and eat it elsewhere.

A Bit Of Leftover Instinct?

I have seen, in some graphic National Geographic clips, instances where a wild dog such as a wolf is feeding and it will take a chunk of meat off to a distance to eat it there.  The reason for this is to ensure that they get their fair share of the meal and remain uninterrupted.

Perhaps a hint of this wild instinct still remains in domesticated dogs today and your dog fears that its portion of food may be taken away.  This actually seems to be the most agreed upon opinion, however, I don’t think it is necessarily always the case.

Noisy Food Bowl?

Some dog owners will try changing their dogs food bowl to change this behavior.  This may help because some dogs ears are more sensitive than others and they may be hearing themselves eat too loudly from eating within the stainless steel bowl.  Or maybe the sound of their tags clinging against the bowl annoys them.  However, stainless steel is still the recommended dog food bowl because others made out of plastic, ceramic, and stoneware may be harmful to your dog.  So I would choose allowing my dog to eat on the floor rather than taking a chance and risking their health; so keep it stainless steel.

Is The Room Too Loud?

If the room where the dog eats is too loud or if there is a lot going on,  your dog may be finding it disruptive and chooses to take his food to eat somewhere a bit more quiet.  If this is the case, try feeding your dog in a more peaceful location.

I want to eat off a plate too!

Ever think that maybe your dog just wants to eat on a flat surface?  Maybe our dogs find it easier to eat on a flat surface than out of a bowl.  Another thing I think this may be is due to the fact that I use to raw feed my dog.  She would be fed in the grass and wouldn’t use a bowl for the first couple years of her life.  I had to change her diet due to living situations but I hope to switch back one day.

Is Your Dog A Weirdo?

Hehehe.  In the end we can all agree that dogs are very interesting animals.  There really is no certain answer as to why some dogs to this.  Maybe some choose to take a mouthful of food, take it away from their food bowl, and eat it somewhere else just because they can.  Maybe they are like “you know what? I see my humans taking their food to different rooms, so why can’t i?”.  Maybe they are just plain ol’ weird.  But no matter how weird our dogs are sometimes, we still ’em!

Here is Rhea doing her thing:

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